“Kaki” persimmons are a variety known for their consistency and orangey flesh. This type of persimmon are obtained by eliminating the shrinking process of the fruit when the “Rojo Brillante“ variety of persimmons are in the final phase of consistent ripening and are orange in colour. As a consequence of the process undergone the “kaki” persimmons have a very consistent pulp quality, similar to that of a peach and can be eaten with a knife and fork. It has a sweet, delicate flavour and no seeds or stones. The persimmon season begins in October and lasts until December.

The “kaki” persimmon is very healthy fruit due to its high pro-vitamin A content, particularly beneficial during pregnancy and for child development. In addition, the high fibre content of this type of persimmon is ideal for encouraging bowel movement and the reduction of cholesterol.

Nutritional information of Persimmon fruit

Properties of
“kaki” persimmons
Por 100gr
Provitamin A (mcg) 158,3
Folic acid (mcg) 7
Vitamin C (mg) 16
Potassium (mg) 190
Magnesium (mg) 9,5
Carbohydrate (g) 16
Fibre(g) 1,6
Calories 65,6