These mandarins are an intense orange colour and have a flattened spherical shape. They are considered a mix between oranges and mandarins. Clementines are well flavoured, easy to peel and are seedless.


Manadrina marisolA good-sized fruit with an intense orange skin, aromatic and easy to peel. The Marisol mandarin contains a lot of slightly acidic juice with a tender, seedless pulp.

Season: September-October


Mandarina oronulesA small, flat-sided mandarin. It’s popular due to the quantity of sweet flavoured juice it produces. It has a smooth, shiny skin and is easy to peel. It contains very few seeds.

Season: October-November


Mandarins clemenules This is a large variety with an intense colour and slightly flattened appearance. The pulp is particularly juicy and is virtually seedless.

Season: November-January


mandarinas hernandinaComing from a spontaneous mutation of the clementine “fina”, it is one of the late ripeners of this variety. The “hernandina” is small and the skin has an intense orange colour. It contains a lot fine-flavoured juice.

Season: January- March