All Ibergoldy partners have the GLOBALGAP certification, a set of internationally recognised standards guaranteeing the highest quality processes.

Excellence in quality, the continual improvement in the processing and satisfying of our clients’ needs are the key objectives of the Ibergoldy.

We carry out rigorous quality controls on our products in certified labs to detect the presence of active elements and monitor their levels and the results are made readily available for clients to consult at any time.

In Ibergoldy we have up-to-date knowledge of the evolution of the harvests. Our quality control staff monitors the entire process and guarantees that each shipment meets client requirements and satisfies all certification obligations. This control process guarantees the quality of the produce we ship so that only the very best goods are sent to our clients.

The modern facilities of our partners feature latest generation technology to be able to optimise the selection, classification and shipment processes in order to be able guarantee customer order satisfaction.

The constant contact both with internal and external markets provides us with the knowledge to be able to keep abreast of all the latest developments in EU legislation in terms of quality and product safety.

The Globalgap certification is awarded for good production practice so that the requirements of the consumers are reflected in the production processes in the growing countries

The International Featured Standard is an internationally recognized auditing process which guarantees the safety of the products we sell.