This type of orange gets its name from the protrusion at one end which resembles a human navel. They are very sweet, juicy and are virtually seedless. They have very thick skins and the pulp is a yellowy colour.


The “navelina” oranges are round. They are the earliest of the navel group of oranges. With a brilliant orange colour, its skin is relatively smooth and is easy to peel. These oranges have a very consistent pulp and juice quality and are seedless. The taste is more acidic than Navel oranges.

Season; October to February


naranja navelOriginally from Brazil, navel oranges contain more juice than “navelinas”. They are big in size and have a distinct navel. They are sweet and are virtually seedless.

Season; February to March


Is a medium-size orange and hardy whilst on the tree but requiring a rapid picking process. These oranges are very rich in juice and sugars as well as being seedless.

Season;March to May<